data for "4-Year Graduation Rate, without exclusions"

 Class of 2006Class of 2007Class of 2008Class of 2009Class of 2010Class of 2011Class of 2012Class of 2013Class of 2014
Austin ISD77%75%74%76%79%80%83%84%86%
Del Valle ISD83%73%82%81%90%90%90%90%90%
Eanes ISD95%96%96%98%96%96%97%97%96%
Lago Vista ISD97%93%91%98%99%98%97%99%99%
Lake Travis ISD89%90%91%94%95%91%94%94%95%
Leander ISD83%81%83%84%89%91%94%95%95%
Manor ISD74%69%66%62%66%80%79%83%85%
Pflugerville ISD81%79%81%83%85%90%92%93%94%
Round Rock ISD86%83%84%88%90%90%94%95%96%

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Source(s): Texas Education Agency