data for "central Texas hs Graduates who earn a post-secondary credential within 6 years"

Class of 2003 (by 2009)68.75%31.423%35.372%51.846%57.414%
Class of 2004 (by 2010)62.642%29.681%36.106%50.901%56.715%
Class of 2005 (by 2011)60.959%27.242%34.851%49.735%56.634%
Class of 2006 (by 2012)69.753%28.322%33.358%50.784%57.764%
Class of 2007 (by 2013)63.859%32.007%36.655%50.432%56.53%
Class of 2008 (by 2014)68.814%33.151%34.74%50.219%57.115%

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Source(s): E3 Alliance analysis of data at the UT Austin Education Research Center